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Wellness Travel Agent Training Program


By: Joanne Vomiero

At this time, we are seeing and hearing a lot of amazing Travel Agents, Consultants & Advisors who have had years of experience, in an industry they absolutely love - feel they are forced to give up and leave due to the situation with Covid-19. Yes, we are faced with the most challenging times our industry has ever faced, but I do believe for those who can manoeuvre into different positions, there is not only hope but a prosperous future in front of you.

As our world is evolving, so too is our Travel Industry. Travel may look and feel different! So, my instruction is to use this time to prepare, stretch yourself and go to places beyond your normal reach so that you can come out the other side alive and thrive. How do you do this? Just add a "Touch of Wellness©". For some people this could be your chance to combine two passions!

Wellness Travel is On Trend & On Time!

At no other time in recent history has our health and wellbeing been more at the forefront of our minds. And at no other time has Travel been such a precious experience. Wellness Travel was already the fastest growing sector of the Travel Industry pre-covid and now as we emerge from this pandemic, it is likely that Wellness Travel will exceed any expectations anyone in the Wellness Travel Industry had predicted. 

Joanne Vomiero explains this in more detail in our free 30 min Webinar. In this session she presents an overview of the Wellness Travel Industry, including the stats, facts and financial predictions and explain why pivoting your business into the Wellness Travel Industry is likely to result in a positive investment for your future. To watch this free 30 min Webinar, simply complete the form further below on this page.


In This Life Wellness Travel™ is preparing Travel Consultants, Travel Advisors, Travel Counsellors for the Next Wave in Travel and leading the way to Wellness with our Wellness Travel Agent Training Program. Combine your passion for Travel & Wellness by becoming a “Wellness Travel Specialist©" and "Recommended Agent of In This Life Wellness Travel™ ".

Why would you need to take a Training Program to sell Wellness Travel?

Because in fact, Wellness Travel is moreso a Wellness Product than a Travel Product! Wellness Travel forms part of people’s wellness lifestyle and is used as a solution and strategy to improve health and wellbeing. If you are wanting to consult as a specialist in this sector you are actually engaging in a new Industry; you are now entering the WELLNESS Industry. And for this you will need some training to upskill your knowledge and fill in the gaps, so that you - firstly, know what you are talking about and secondly, so that you can confidently recommend the right product and experience for your clients. Our world is full of people who suffer from a long list health issues and concerns, illness and disease and many people live in chronic pain. And we live in a stressful world. All these people are looking for some relief; and so, as a Wellness Travel consultant, you are in a way "prescribing" Wellness Travel to assist your client’s wellness needs; and therefore, in this case, there are some important things to know. And who better to learn from than an expert in this field!

Presented directly from the Director & Founder of In This Life Wellness Travel - Joanne Vomiero. Joanne has not only had extensive Travel Industry experience but is also a Practising Wellness Therapist, qualified Personal Trainer, ENAR Therapist and Reiki healer. She has operated a successful Wellness Practice in Adelaide, Australia for over 6 years, specialising in muscular, neuroadaptive therapy, holistic therapy & chronic pain relief. During this time, she also began her in-depth and global research on Wellness Travel. From her findings she innovated and developed In This Life Wellness Travel’s dedicated Wellness Travel search & booking platform, which is arguably most comprehensive and largest Wellness Travel site in the market and successful finalists and winner of several international awards.

Joanne Vomiero has now collated years of knowledge, experience and research in Health & Fitness, Wellness Therapy, Travel and now Wellness Travel by designing and developing This Life Wellness Travel’s Wellness Travel Agent Training Program. She is also a qualified and experienced Tourism Trainer and Assessor so you can be assured that she has the qualifications to write and assess this program and also the experience to deliver it. She has many years of classroom-based training experience, working for a large Travel Agency chain and Registered Training Organisation (RTO). She has also much experience in private one on one training, seminars, private coaching, group coaching and mentoring. This course is comprehensive yet easy to understand, as one of her skills is her ability to interpret concepts and deliver them in a way that is easy to understand and enjoyable to learn.

Joanne is now helping Travel Agents, Consults and Advisors fast track their way into this new and exciting industry. She states: "When I decided to develop a business in Wellness Travel, I had no one to learn from and no one to turn to and no support. I had to research everything myself and it was like walking blindfolded in the forest! After collating all my findings, I have found a way to present this to the industry and travellers that makes sense and is easy to understand. And I believe I can help others where I was on my own. I have now neatly bundled into this course what has taken me years of research, plus years of professional work experience. It really is an accumulation of years my own research, years my own professional studies plus many years of experience working in Travel, Tourism Training, Health, Fitness, Muscular Therapy, Wellness and now Wellness Travel. For anyone who is serious about developing a business in Wellness Travel or pivoting into the Wellness Travel sector, I promise you this will take years off of your own research and learning and you will feel supported!


Explore the wonderful world of Wellness Travel with In This Life Wellness Travel. From basic Wellness foundation training, this 6-week immersive course, will guide you through a journey of wellness to emerge as a "Wellness Travel Specialist©”.

You will learn how Wellness Travel can become an important component to a healthy and holistic wellness lifestyle. Learn how to utilise the benefits of Wellness Travel as an important part of your client’s journey towards optimal health and wellness. This immersive course will inspire you and teach you how to “prescribe” Wellness Travel with confidence passion and enthusiasm and develop a sustainable travel business by simply adding a “Touch of Wellness©” or by specialising in Wellness Travel.

This is more than a course; it is an experience in itself! Here's what others have said:

"Joanne has done a lot of work and research and it really shows. I have enjoyed the lectures so far and have learnt a lot, even though I have been working in this field myself for many years. The course is very thorough and it’s great to work with like-minded people. Thank you Joanne” - Toni W

“When I signed up for this Wellness Travel Agent's Training, little did I know that I would have all of this amazing and surprising content - this course is so much more than just how to book wellness travel on a booking platform. This information was invaluable and so important to better match the right wellness style and treatments/activities to my clients' expectations. Thank you Joanne for sharing your passion, wealth of knowledge and experience." - Ingrid G

"I loved the weekly group meetings and Joanne you were excellent with how you manage to gently draw out our answers in our group discussions and activities. You coordinated the meetings so thoroughly no one seemed to get off the topic as some zoom meetings can be. In This Life Wellness Travel’s website is great, organised and most importantly a very user-friendly site. I am now excited and ready. THANK YOU!" - Rachel C

"I cannot recommend this course enough. It really was an eye opening and life changing experience for me personally. Thank you." - Jacki S

"This course saved me first personally and now professionally - it saved my life! I am so glad I enrolled." - Jyllian A

"I've taken that other Wellness Travel course and this one blows that other course away! This is the course to do. This is really getting into what Wellness Travel really is." - Heidi W

"Doing this training was the highlight of my week, it was great to be surrounded by positivity." Maria D







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